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Diadora Vortex Pro II 41

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If you are looking for a pair of shoes with WorldTour bona fides, you could hardly do better than the Diadora Vortex-Pro II Shoes. Developed for WorldTour riders on the level of Nairo Quintana and his Movistar teammates, the Vortex-Pro II Shoes focus on comfort, support and low weight to be the sort of kicks that win Grand Tours, or local Sunday hill climbs.

Focusing on the fact that serious riders, whether pros or amateurs, spend a lot of hours a day in their cycling shoes, the Diadora Vortex-Pro II Shoes set out first and foremost to be comfortable, and adjustable. The uppers are made from what Diadora calls their Morpho A.M.Cage made from an anti-stretch Air Mesh Suprell-Tech microfiber to ensure the foot will have a ventilated but secure form around it. Working with this supple, stable material, there are two BOA IP 1 Dials. Having two will allow you to micro-adjust the fit of your shoes; if you like to give your toes a little more room, but have your forefoot tightened down for the sprint finish, you can calibrate it perfectly every time with them BOA system. Aiding in the effort to keep you planted in your shoes, Diadora has developed their Fish Scale non-slip textile which lines the ergonomically shaped heel cup area to ensure you won’t be slipping or pulling your heel out of the shoe, especially in moments of furious pedaling.

The outsoles are made from a full 3k carbon fiber with NET Breathing System technology. Carbon fiber soles are not unusual these days, but carbon-fiber soles strong enough to have mesh sections are pretty rare. When you turn the shoe over and see the large cutout sections, you may have second thoughts. What you’re looking at is Diadora’s NET Breathing System that is made from synthetic net fiber mesh along with a breathable and impermeable membrane. It allows for air intake and ventilation that will work to keep your feet from suffering hot spots in spite of the rigidity of the sole. But the special membrane prevents moisture, mud, and even miniature stones from invading and irritating the foot. The Vortex-Pro II Shoes receives a top score of 12 on the rigidity scale, so put any concerns about superior stiffness from your mind. The insole is made from a high ventilating perforated EVA foam that works with the sole vents to keep your foot cool and dry even in the hottest weather. The heel pad is removable and provides an anti-slip function that will help you keep your footing even in the most basic French loo. The pad is made from Duratech rubber that not only is very tacky on slippery surfaces, but highly-resistant to abrasive tarmac. A single screw fixes the heel pad to the sole, and is easily removed from the inside by lifting up the insole.

Even if you are not impressed by pro team sponsorship deals, you will be quick to appreciate just how effective the Diadora Vortex-Pro II Shoes prove to be. Comfortable, and at around 280 grams per shoe, they can be considered among the lightweights in the shoe world. The three-hole cleat configuration will fit just about any road pedal out there.

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