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De Rosa SK Pininfarina force etap/token c45 Red 50

$6 999.99
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Brand: DeRosa


We are an official De Rosa retailer, offering custom options on frames and full bikes. As well as the standard build kit on complete bikes, we also offer build quotes for any alternative Shimano and Campagnolo groupsets and components.

We offer an official warranty on all De Rosa bicycles as well as a professional and dedicated after-sales service.


Challenge conquests. But similarities unite. Like all the best love stories, De Rosa and Pininfarina came together through shared values: born from family craftsmanship, the passion for innovation, the continuous search for high-performance, artisanship and attention to detail, and an everlasting adoration of design and beauty. A unison of values that brought to life a lightweight, aerodynamic bicycle with svelte lines and technological perfection.

The De Rosa SK Pininfarina DISC 2021 Complete Bicycle is an aerodynamic carbon fibre road bicycle with an perfect balance of rigidity, stability, comfort and style. The SK Pininfarina is an original project made in collaboration with the independent Italian car design firm. Marrying De Rosa’s technological perfection with Pininfarina’s elegant forms, it is perfect for who needs a high-performance racing bicycle. Suitable for triathlon.

For over 60 years, De Rosa has pushed the boundaries of road racing technology, not to mention sophistication. Their continuous drive to research, develop, and adopt avant-garde solutions has made them one of the most well-known and appreciated Italian brands the world over.

Cicli Corsa is an official De Rosa distributor and as such is able to offer a completely customisable De Rosa bicycles and frames. We not only offer the standard factory builds for complete bicycles, we also offer free quotes for all Shimano and Campagnolo groupsets and accessories.

It is also possible to exclude items from your order. For example, you would love to buy a complete bicycle but already have a great wheelset that you want to continue using. Not a problem, we are able to provide a free quote for a complete bicycle minus the wheelset (or any other components).

Last but certainly not least, as an official reseller, all De Rosa bicycles come with an official factory warranty, and Cicli Corsa offers customer service support to assist all customers in this process.

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