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DMT KR0 red 42

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UPC: 8059780045093
Brand: DMT
DMT KR0 Road Shoes


Low weight, lossless power transfer and comfort - the winning trifecta for any pro-level road cycling shoe. The DMT KR0 Shoes have all this and more, which is why they're the Italian brand's flagship shoes and the footwear of choice for a who's who of Tour-level pro cyclists.

The big-ticket draw of the DMT KR0s is how they bring together a sensationally comfortable (and still supportive) 3D knit upper with an anatomic carbon sole and a genuinely hassle-free BOA fit system. The combined effect? Resting tigers. Pick them up (crazy light) and pull them on (plush, plush), and you'll forget you're wearing shoes, let alone elite-level cycling footwear. But drop the power, and you'll soon realize why the KR0s are frequent visitors to the pro podium. They don't hold back.

Knitted uppers are not new in other sports, but they are a recent arrival to the world of cycling, thanks in part to DMT debuting the world's first fully knit cycling shoe back in 2018. Knit cycling shoes are popular because they allow for a lighter, more comfortable and breathable silhouette without compromising foot support. They fit so well because the knit material allows the shoe's uppers to conform to each rider's foot shape in a way that microfibre never could. Downsides? With such a breathable upper, they're naturally better suited to good weather, but you could argue that's why overshoes were invented.


  • Fully Engineered 3D knit upper with ultralight construction
  • Variable thickness and knit structures for ultimate comfort
  • Integrated webbing
  • BOA® Fit System with double Li2 dials
  • Anatomic Carbon SL outsole
  • 8mm front-rear cleat adjustability
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